On October 17, 2015, roughly 200 million tons of mountain rock fell into the water at Icy Bay and creating a wave of mutilation that reached more than 600 feet, stripping the shoreline of trees. This enormous event has been named the Icy Bay Mega Tsunami. This appears to be one of the biggest tsunamis recorded in the past century.

The craziest part? No one noticed this catastrophic event until later. The natural phenomenon went unnoticed for several months until it gained the attention of scientists. It was actually discovered in New York City from satellite photos and a large team of scientists was sent out to examine the evidence of this rare and extreme tsunami that tore across Taan Fiord.

Tyndall Glacier, the source of the fjord, retreated 10 miles from 1961 to 1991. This created the narrow Taan Fiord at its feet, an area covered in ice just a few years ago is now water. The massive rockslide dropped into the bay just in front of the glacier and the narrow shape of the fjord led to the truly gigantic wave. They have estimated that the wave was 600 feet at its start and traveled more than 60 miles per hour. This makes it one of the biggest tsunamis ever recorded. The wave took out spruce trees along the shoreline, mowed them down like a bowling ball.

Scientists are continuing to study the event in hopes of figuring out a detection system to warn Alaskans and visitors of these type of events.

Watch a detailed video from the National Park Service here:

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