An Easy But Gorgeous Hike, Bartlett River Trail, Leads To A Little-Known River In Alaska

There are some hikes where the journey is just as rewarding as the destination. The Bartlett River Trail will take you to a wild river but you’ll encounter so much more – unspoiled forest, gorgeous wildlife, and tranquil wetlands. The trail is a great entryway into the incredible Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve and if you hike the whole trail, you’ll be treated to a vista of a pristine Alaska estuary.

The only hotel in the park is located near the trail. Glacier Bay Lodge offers rustic and cozy accommodations as well as nice views of the Fairweather Mountain range. Interested in more Alaska hikes? Here are some scenic trails that will lead you to more unforgettable places.

Address: Bartlett River, Alaska 99826, USA