This Eerie Abandoned Hotel In Alaska Will Give You The Chills

If you live in Alaska, chances are that you’ve been asked by an “outsider” if you or anyone you know lives in an igloo. Well, no – we do not. In fact, we never really have. Igloos were used a long time ago by Alaskans as temporary shelters when out on long trips, or as emergency shelters if they were caught in bad weather. Let’s face it… no one wants to spend a bunch of time and effort into building a livable structure that’s just going to melt when the temperature rises above 32 degrees.

So naturally, the next best thing to do to uphold that Alaskan persona would be to build a ginormous, round, white structure that mimics everyone’s idea of an igloo, right? According to one man, the answer was yes. But in true Alaskan fashion, he decided to go big or go home. Instead of just building himself an igloo-like house to live in, he set out with the intention to build a massive hotel for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Pretty intriguing, huh? Read on to learn more about this eerie abandoned hotel in Alaska that will definitely give you the chills.

Although incredibly interesting and undoubtedly a must-see when living in or visiting Alaska, Igloo City can actually be quite a dangerous place to explore. Those that come from far and wide are urged to use caution. Because of the remote location, predators such as bears and wolves are in the nearby area and have been said to use this giant igloo structure as shelter during times of distress. Moose are also in the area and although they are not predators and are not generally aggressive in nature, they are very dangerous when they are caught off guard, in rut, hungry for food or protecting their young. That’s probably why this guy used a drone to explore it:

Extreme winter conditions and precipitation levels also make Igloo City a dangerous area to navigate about. Snow levels are known to get well over five feet in this area making it very difficult to explore from all angles. No matter what season it is, Alaska is a very wild and unforgiving state and exploring remote locations is not something that you should do unless you are inherently prepared for anything that might happen. Have you ever checked out this awesome and eerie abandoned roadside hotel? We’d love to hear about your experiences and see your photos!