This Rare Footage Of Alaska’s 1964 Good Friday Earthquake Is Positively Heart Wrenching

It has been reported that the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake did around 311 million dollars worth of damage. At 5:36 pm, the earthquake struck and lasted for a total of four minutes and thirty two seconds. This 9.2 magnitude earthquake is said to be the most powerful in North American history. On top of that, it is said to be the second most powerful earthquake to have ever occurred in the entire world. Set north of Prince William Sound and east of Anchorage, the epicenter of this massive earthquake was way too close to home for residents throughout South-Central Alaska.

But it was the tsunami aftermath of the earthquake that was what really did all the damage. Waves up to 220 feet (as well as major rock-slides) resulted in extreme property damage and claimed the lives of far too many men, women and children. Almost all of the residents throughout the entire village of Chenega were killed as well as many in Whittier, Seward and Kodiak. Many other communities were effected as well. The total death toll ended up being roughly 139 people. And afterwards? The rebuilding process was truly one of the most overwhelmingly heart wrenching experiences in every Alaskan’s life.

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