17 Legitimate Excuses For Being Late To Work You Can Only Use In Alaska

There are a lot of crazy things that can go wrong in Alaska. The bitter cold, the wild animals and the extremes of light and dark can all keep you from your nine to five job. You don’t always have a normal day in a place this extreme. That’s just the price you pay for living in Alaska. These are legitimate excuses you can use for getting to work late, but only in Alaska.  These weird things about Alaska may seem extreme, but they’re true!


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Address: Alaska, USA
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Things That Can Go Wrong In Alaska

June 10, 2020

What are the weirdest things about Alaska?

Alaska is a land of extremes. The state is so large that it encompasses areas that have mild, wet, warm winters, and places that see 70 degrees below zero in the winter. There are long, dark days in the cold season and long, sunny, bright days in the summer. The midnight sun leaves long hours of twilight even in the most southern parts of the state.
And for a state this huge, we have very few people. Alaska is the third least populated state in all of America, fourth if you count the District of Columbia. This is because our infrastructure development. It’s hard to get across a state so huge, with so many geographical challenges!
The state is so huge it’s actually three times the size of Texas. Four if the tide has gone out and you count the coastal land around our gorgeous state!

Is Alaska a great place to live?

Alaska is a fantastic place to live! Alaska is the last frontier, and every adventurer’s dream. This state is huge and mostly unexplored. Alaska has some of the most awe inspiring and impressive geography of anywhere on the planet. Many people spend their whole lifetimes waiting to explore Alaska, and we get to live here! Even the winters aren’t so bad. With alpenglow, northern lights, and the pretty purple sunsets, the coldest season has plenty to recommend itself. And the summers are heavenly and much loved by every Alaskan. With fishing, hiking, camping, and just enjoying this state, there is so much to see and do! 

Address: Alaska, USA