11 Weird Side Effects Everyone Experiences From Growing Up In Alaska

No matter where you go in your life, if you grew up in Alaska it will always be a point of pride and conversation. The state is huge and you could be from the verdant rainforests of Southeast or a thousand miles north in the tundra of the Northwest. Alaska encompasses thousands of beautiful miles of varied terrain. No matter where you did your growing up in Alaska, there were sure to be far more trees than people, an outdoor lifestyle, and a lot of fish! These are some of the residual signs that you grew up at the top of the world.

Did you grow up in Alaska? Growing up in Alaska is definitely a unique experience! Any strange side effects we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Growing Up In Alaska

September 24, 2020

How many languages are spoken in Alaska?

There are tons of languages spoken in this huge state. While English is the most commonly spoken language in Alaska, there are over 20 official Native languages spoken in this amazing place. Not only that, but Anchorage is such a haven for people from all over the world, that there are over 107 languages spoken in the Anchorage School District. Our state is a place that  beckons to adventure lovers from everywhere. It’s a wonderful place to grow up, surrounded by an amazing diversity of lovely people.

Is Alaska a great place to grow up?

Growing up in Alaska is unlike growing up anywhere else in the world. The varied terrain, vast expanses, and unique features of this northern state isn’t replicated anywhere else in the world. Of the 200,000 estimated glaciers in the world, Alaska is believed to have 100,000 of them! Our state is so large and unique, we used to have multiple time zones, all within state lines. So it stands to reason that growing up here is living a life that you truly can’t find anywhere else.