Don’t Drive On This Haunted Street In Alabama Or You May Regret It

When it comes to hauntings, Alabama has definitely seen its fair share. From spooky mansions and eerie factories to creepy hotels and haunted cemeteries, there’s no telling where you’ll spot a ghost in Alabama. You might even have a ghostly encounter while driving down one of Alabama’s state highways. One highway, in particular, that’s supposedly haunted is Highway 5, which is located in Lynn, Alabama. Read on to learn more about this haunted street in Alabama.

Here’s how one of the scariest ghost stories in Alabama goes:

Many years ago, on a rainy night in Lynn, Alabama, a teenage girl was on her way home from the prom with her boyfriend. Shortly after leaving prom, they got into an argument and the girl asked her boyfriend to stop and let her out. He did exactly as she requested, and she decided to walk the rest of the way home alone. Unfortunately, the teenage girl never made it to her destination. While walking along the side of Highway 5, she was struck by an 18-wheeler. The driver of the truck left the scene and the teenage girl was discovered the following morning in a ditch. Supposedly, if you drive an 18-wheeler down Highway 5 in Alabama on a rainy night, she’ll climb onto the side of the truck to see if the driver is the same one who killed her many years ago. This stretch of highway in Lynn is one of the most haunted places in Alabama.

Several truck drivers have reported this happening to them. Even people driving other types of vehicles have reported seeing the teenage girl’s ghostly figure walking along the side of Highway 5 in Alabama. Creepy!

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter while driving down this haunted state highway (AL-5)? Do you believe this ghost story is true or is it simply a legend? Is there another haunted street in Alabama you know about? Share your thoughts with us! For more haunted places in Alabama, check out this list.

Address: Alabama 5, AL-5, Lynn, AL, USA

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Haunted Street In Alabama

October 23, 2021

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What is another creepy ghost story about Alabama?

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Address: Alabama 5, AL-5, Lynn, AL, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.