The Story of Alabama’s Ghost In The Window Is Bizarre And Terrifying

Alabama is filled with a variety of ghost stories. However, “The Face in the Courthouse Window” is likely the most famous story of them all. The face in the window of the old Pickens County Courthouse, in Carrollton, is one of Alabama’s true hidden gems. Over the years, it’s become a popular tourist attraction and is what the city of Carrollton is most famous for.

The story of “The Face in the Courthouse Window” was included in Kathryn Tucker Windham’s award-winning book, “13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey.” If you’ve never read this book, I highly recommend it. And if you’re wondering how this ghost story goes, read on.

Henry Wells, a former slave who was freed at the conclusion of the Civil War, was accused of arson when the Pickens County Courthouse burnt to the ground on November 16, 1876. As the story goes, Henry fled to the attic of the courthouse while he was escaping the mob that was out to lynch him. As they continued their search, Henry peered out the famous window. He yelled to the crowd below, “I am innocent. If you kill me, I am going to haunt you for the rest of your lives!” At that very moment, lightning struck the window and the image of Henry’s face was etched into the glass.

The mob finally made their way into the courthouse and forced Henry to go outside. They then lynched him. Today, the face in the window remains as a reminder of that eventful night. It’s been washed time and time again, but it won’t go away. Henry Wells warned the people he would haunt them forever if they killed him and it’s evident that he’s keeping his word.

To hear this story told by famous author Kathryn Tucker Windham, check out the video below:

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