Have you ever wondered to yourself, “What is Mobile, Alabama known for?” Well, it’s known for many different things. Mobile is a wonderful Alabama city that’s filled with great history and amazing attractions, including several state-of-the-art museums that people from near and far come to visit. Mobile is also Alabama’s only saltwater port. Even though you might already be familiar with these fun facts about Mobile, Alabama, there are several others that just might surprise you, including the 12 listed below.

Did any of these facts about Mobile, Alabama surprise you? What are some other Mobile, Alabama facts that many people might not already be familiar with? For a list of other fun facts about Alabama that might surprise you, be sure to check out our previous article outlining more little-known facts about Alabama.

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What are five more fun facts about Mobile, Alabama?

1. The 9th largest port in the United States is in Mobile. It's also the nation's 12th busiest port.

2. The city of Mobile is also home to five MLB Hall of Famers, including Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, William McCovery, Ozzie Smith, and Satchel Paige.

3. The first city founded in Alabama was Mobile, which took place in 1702. Interestingly, this was 117 years before Alabama became a state.

4. The Mobile Museum of Art happens to be the largest art museum from New Orleans, Louisiana to Tampa, Florida.

5. Each New Year's Eve in Mobile, the world's largest electric Moon Pie is dropped. It weighs approximately 600 pounds and is definitely a sight to see. During the celebration, everyone can also dig into the world's largest edible Moon Pie.

What are three of the best attractions in Mobile, Alabama that belong on everyone's bucket list?

There are several attractions in Mobile, Alabama that belong on everyone's bucket list. Listed below are three of the best.

1. USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park is home to one of the world's last remaining WWII battleships. Today, people from all over the world come to visit the USS Alabama (BB-60), which is now operated as a museum.

2. Mobile Carnival Museum

The Mobile Carnival Museum, which opened to the public in 2005, is one of Alabama's most unique museums. It celebrates the history of Mobile's Carnival and Mardi Gras. During your visit, you'll see everything from parade floats and costumes to jeweled crowns and scepters.

3. Oakleigh House Museum

The Oakleigh House Museum, which is part of the Oakleigh Garden Historic District and is situated on 35 acres, was built in 1833 and is one of the South's most beautiful plantation homes.

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