11 Things You Can Only Find In West Virginia And Nowhere Else In The World

When I was younger and I was “bored,” my friends and I would say, “There isn’t anything to do in West Virginia!”

Boy, was I wrong. As I have gradually become an adult, I have realized the immense amount of history and amazing things that this wonderful state actually does have. I have loved living in West Virginia, and I never want to leave.

These 11 amazing things can be found… Only In West Virginia.

Amazing! These mountains have so much to offer, and you don’t even have to look that hard.

I loved visiting the Green Bank telescope when I was younger! At the time, I didn’t realize or understand how truly important it was. Now that I’m older, I was that I could visit it again.

I am honestly blessed to be able to call myself a native West Virginian!

What is something that you love that is unique to West Virginia? Comment below!