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12 Neighborhood Restaurants In Washington With Food So Good You’ll Be Back For Seconds

Some restaurants are for special occasions only, requiring getting dressed up and making reservations weeks in advance… and then there are those neighborhood gems you can walk into on any given day and (usually) be seated within a few minutes. They might not have the attention of the food critics or the budget for promotion, but for those who live nearby, they’re the best. Washington has hundreds of those places, and these 12 happen to have food so delicious you’ll want to go back for more.

When it comes to the best Washington restaurants, looks can be deceiving. Here are some spots that don’t look like much from the inside but happen to serve amazing food.

Jessica Wick
Jessica Wick is a writer and travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places, meeting new people and, of course, beautiful Big Sky Country and every part of Washington State.