Here Is Everything You Need To Know About America’s Newest Official National Animal

Did you know that the United States has a new official national animal? On May 9, 2016, the National Bison Legacy Act was signed into law, proclaiming the American Bison as our first national mammal. The American Bison is the only other recognized national animal, aside from the iconic Bald Eagle, of course, which was declared our official national bird when the United States Seal was adopted by the Continental Congress in 1782!

The once-endangered bison is one of the most amazing ‘Cinderella stories’ of conservation efforts in history. The bison have roamed North America for thousands of years, but by the 1800’s, settlement, westward expansion, and over-hunting had reduced the species’ population from several million to only a few hundred. The bison faced extinction, but the efforts of President Teddy Roosevelt, William Hornaday, and Native American tribal support, the American Bison Society was formed in 1905 to protect and preserve the rapidly decreasing bison population.

Now that we have a new official national mammal, it’s time to brush up on your animal knowledge in order to honor and celebrate the great American Bison!

Now that you know some cool new facts about the American Bison, you can spread the word of our new patriotic symbol!

This video was filmed by Toby Brusseau at 777 Bison Ranch in South Dakota – check out the 777 Bison Ranch Facebook page to learn more about this awesome place and head over to the Toby Brusseau Productions Facebook page to see more of Toby’s wonderful work!