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12 Retro Places in South Carolina That Will Take You Back In Time

It’s “Throwback Thursday,” South Carolina. Time to turn back the hands of time and visit some places throughout the state that will take you back in time.

Who loves nostalgia? Raise your hand. We sure do. And we love sharing retro places in the state that take us all back to “the day.” Here are some retro places we’ve discovered in the Palmetto State.

Have you been to any of these retro places in South Carolina? The Palmetto State is a big place and we’re sure we’ve just scratched the surface of retro places. Do you want to add any to the list? Feel free in our Facebook comments section. We’d love to know about them!

Robin Jarvis
Robin Jarvis is a staff writer for She's traveled to five of the seven continents and currently lives 35-feet in the air in a treehouse in the Southeastern U.S. When she's not writing, she's dreaming of her next trip.