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Here Are The 13 Most Incredible Natural Wonders In South Carolina

Do you remember a time when there were only 7 Wonders of the World? Now that number has grown and one can hardly keep up. South Carolina didn’t want to be left behind in this game and really, I believe in some ways South Carolina leads the pack. We have some amazing and incredible features that were here long before any of us reading this article were born. In this article we’re exploring the natural side of the wonders, so there won’t be any man-made creations featured.

Let’s explore the natural side of South Carolina.

I love the fact that South Carolina has so much for us to see and that everyday we find something new. This land is far older than what we can comprehend and I’m sure that we will be finding wonders far into the future. The great thing about all of these is that they are only a road trip away.  Let’s face it, all of them are only a day’s ride there and back unless you want to make a weekend of it. Don’t let these few beautiful weeks of fall pass by… go out and find your wonder and come back and tell us all about it in the comments below!

Gwen Tennille
Gwen is an author, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, mother, wife, and part-time super hero. She loves to tackle her dreams head on and takes life by storm. Coffee is her best friend and a good book cannot be beat! When does she have the time, you ask? you really need that much sleep?