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The Deadly History Of This Ohio Tower Is Terrifying But True

If you love exploring all things abandoned and haunted in Ohio, you may have heard about a “Witches Tower” hiding in a forest near Dayton, Ohio. (Or even a “Frankenstein’s Tower.”) But the true story behind this curious structure has changed over time. More commonly known as the Lookout Tower in Hills and Dales Metro Park, this castle-like structure in Kettering has been the subject of numerous urban legends throughout the years. And while it’s certainly not a “Witches Tower,” it does have a deadly history.

Take a look:

For a closer look at the tower and the story behind Peggy’s death, watch the short video below:

What do you think of this story? Have you ever explored this tower before? If so, share your thoughts and experiences with us.

April Dray
Ohio staff writer and editor for Only in Your State. Written word is my zeal. I love my cat and she tolerates me.