12 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In New York Should Take

Our state is far from flat. New York is famously known for its astonishing 46 high peaks, which to aspiring hikers can be more than a bit intimidating. Perhaps you’re looking to view our state from as high up as possible without adventuring a long distance, or maybe you’re just looking to take a short hike to a relaxing spot. With Mother Nature slowly but surely breathing life back into the gorgeous outdoors, we’ve begun to feel the itch that drives us to explore more.

Backpacks packed and ready for an adventure? Here are 12 hikes in New York that are all under 5 miles, that everyone should take!

With hundreds of local trails, these 12 short hikes in New York truly showcase the beautiful and adventurous side of our state. Share with Only In New York which hike you’re looking to tackle next!