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You Must Visit This Stunning Natural Oasis In Indiana Before Summer Ends

Let’s be honest: despite the brutal heat and wicked humidity, Indiana is a pretty awesome place during the summer. There’s so much to do and see and so many fun ways to cool off. Of course, not all great places are created equal. While lakes and parks are fantastic spots for day trips, they don’t have quite as much appeal as a natural oasis. After scouring the state, we’ve found this stunning natural oasis that you absolutely have to check out before summer ends!

You have to witness this natural oasis with your own eyes to truly believe it. For another stunning natural wonder in Indiana, read on


Courtney Johnston
Courtney has lived across the east coast, but loves her Midwestern home in Indiana. She's lived here for the past 4 years and plans to live here for many more. She's a full time project manager and part time freelance writer who loves local food, great coffee, and good music.