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What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned Indiana Hospital Is Truly Grim

Have you ever wondered what happens when a place or building is abandoned? Visiting ruins of ghost towns or vacant buildings can be pretty creepy, but this drone captured footage of an abandoned Indiana hospital that will send chills up your spine. It’s eerie how much decay, vandalism, and isolation can change a place.

This former hospital in Richmond, Indiana was known as Reid Hospital and has been closed for eight years. Take a look at this abandoned Indiana hospital below.

Pretty creepy, huh? This old, abandoned Indiana hospital holds a lot of memories for Richmond residents and it’s pretty chilling and grim to see it in such a sad state.

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Courtney Johnston
Courtney's originally from the East Coast, but has found a charming new home in Indiana. She loves checking out local music, reading, and trying new food. She's also a little too addicted to coffee and has a Maine Coon cat she answers to.