What This Drone Footage In Indiana Captured Will Drop Your Jaw

This drone footage of Indiana gives a new meaning to “flyover state.”

Drones get some harsh press, but many people forget how cool (and useful!) they can be for filming the world around us from a perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

Just check out this amazing footage captured by M Sackman showing off Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis at sunrise:

And the beautiful fall foliage at Brown County Park (also by M Sackman):

Drones are frequently used by filmmakers to capture scenes that used to require a lot more equipment (or a ton of CGI!) and they allow for high definition filming in tight spots that aren’t otherwise accessible.

This night footage over Indianapolis by Storm Group Roofing is a great way to see the city lights!

Many cities use drone footage to give a “virtual tour” to visitors and promote tourism–what better way to show off than by giving a fly-by look at all the town has to offer?

This video by Chris Sanchez gives a glimpse into recreational activities in Steuben County:

Drones have given real estate companies the ability to easily show rural properties. Instead of spending hours driving from site to site, potential buyers can choose locations that they are most interested in and eliminate others, saving a ton of time.

This next clip, filmed by Midwest UAV, shows how useful aerial views can be to farmers. For a (relatively) cheap investment, farmers can set up drones that use geo-location mapping and navigation systems to get an overhead view of their crops, check for storm and water damage, and even identify wind drift zones that might be carrying fertilizers and herbicides from neighboring farms.

Now that the technology is more available to private users, drones are becoming a hobby akin to radio controlled model airplanes. As drone use has become more common, people have thought up some pretty creative and constructive uses; from surveying land, watching the weather, and mapping traffic problems to keeping an eye on endangered species without disturbing their natural habitats.

What do you think of these aerial shots of the Indiana? Are there areas of the Hoosier State that you would like to check out from above? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.

(Featured Image Photo Credit: Flickr / DanO’Connor)