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This Road Trip To Idaho’s Most Awe-Inspiring Ice Caves Is The Perfect Summer Adventure

It’s easy to grumble about brutally cold winter weather, or even the soaring temps and cloudless skies that much of Idaho is known for during summer. But why not embrace a perfectly cool activity that combines the two into dazzling, unexpected underground displays?

Ice caves here in Idaho may not be the iridescent, crystal-clear wonders that can be found in other countries, but they’re truly spectacular just as they are. From secret caves in northern Idaho to secret caverns dotted with pristine ice crystals in the depths of the desert, here are a few unbelievable ice caves that are worth a visit.

View Google Map here.

For many, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer – no matter what the calendar says. With temperatures throughout Idaho warming up, it’s time to start planning ways to stay cool and entertained over the next few months – what are your favorite summer trips? And where in Idaho should we explore next?

And, since hiking is only one of the awesome outdoor activities the Gem State has to offer, here’s another epic adventure you’re sure to love this season.




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