A Trip To Idaho’s Neverending Canola Fields Will Make Your Spring Complete

While spring in Idaho often means steadily increasing temperatures, rising rivers, and a bounty of wildflowers, there’s no denying that the return of colorful blooming flowers and the return of lush greenery is a welcome sight after winter. There’s no better time to start exploring or getting your hiking boots broken in for summer!

While the Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh in Fairfield gets an abundance of attention around this time of year for its vibrant purple lilies, and our glorious mountains and foothills are adorned with rainbows of wildflowers, one overlooked region is a sunny sea of particularly beautiful blooms this time of year: North Central Idaho. Here, you’ll find a never-ending ocean of golden flowers stretching and rolling as far as the eye can see – and it’s as lovely as can be!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, memorable activity to do this season, this luscious rural phenomenon is all you’ve ever needed. If you’ve ever visited the Palouse – during the Canola blooms or any other magical season – we’d love to see your photos!