There’s Nothing Else In The World Quite Like This Abandoned Stadium In Florida

We’ve all seen an abandoned house or closed business fall into disrepair, but can you imagine an entire abandoned stadium?

The Miami Marine Stadium is just that, an aging concrete wonder, with every accessible inch seemingly covered in graffiti. The stadium was the first of its kind, built specifically for powerboat racing. The 6,566-seat stadium was built on Virginia Key in 1963, affording spectacular views of Downtown Miami. It became a popular venue for more than just water sports, hosting boxing matches and concerts as well.

Following Hurricane Andrew, the stadium was deemed unsafe in 1992. Attempts to save the stadium have been made, but progress has been slow. In 2016, The Miami International Boat Show took place in the area around the stadium.

Do you have any memories of the Miami Marine Stadium? What do you think should be done?