The Mouthwatering Menu At This Airplane Themed Restaurant In Wyoming Is Worth The Trip

You could argue that there are loads of themed restaurants in Wyoming. The thing is, since they’re all built around cowboys, wild game, or the Old West, they fit right in around here, and don’t really seem themed at all.

There is a cool airplane-themed restaurant in a tiny town near Casper, though, that fits in with its surroundings while commemorating a part of Wyoming history, too. Housed in an actual airplane hangar, the atmosphere and the scrumptious menu are so worth the trip to get there.

Have you eaten at the Hangar? What was your favorite dish?

There’s another delightful themed restaurant here in Wyoming that has nothing to do with the Old West or cowboys. If you love 50s-style diners and crave-worthy comfort food, you gotta visit this Elvis-themed breakfast club in Cheyenne.