The Stunning Goodwin Lake Trail Is A Quiet Escape From Wyoming’s Busiest Tourist Towns

It’s hard to find anyone who will freely complain about Wyoming! In fact, normally, any discussion of the Cowboy State turns the opposite way, with skeptics realizing just how beautiful it is out here in the mountain prairie. However, if there was one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, whether they’re a resident or a visitor, it’s that Jackson can get way too crowded. It’s our state’s busiest tourist town for a reason, and you’ll find quick access to the most incredible National Parks in America and some of the best ski resorts in the world. Combine the perfect location with a dining scene that’s internationally famous, and it’s easy to see why millions flock to our little valley every single year. While there are a million reasons to love Jackson, if you need a break from the tourists and crowds, head just out of town to discover a quiet hike near Jackson that will put your mind at ease.

You can find a trail map, recent conditions, and more information on the hike’s AllTrails page, right here. Be sure to check in with the Gros Ventre Wilderness and Forest Service for current conditions!

Address: Goodwin Lake, Wyoming 83001, USA