Everyone In Wyoming Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

The most impressive and majestic waterfalls have the highest volume of water. That’s why the Lower Yellowstone Falls is the most epic and probably the most popular waterfall in Wyoming. In fact, Lower Yellowstone Falls is the waterfall with the largest volume of water out of all of the waterfalls in the Rocky Mountains and is the biggest waterfall in Yellowstone National Park with a height of 308 feet.

The falls are located along the Yellowstone River which flows north from Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone River leaves the Hayden Valley and plunges down creating first the Upper Falls and then further down, the Lower Falls. From there it flows into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Native Americans were the first to find the falls. The first European to see the falls was a French fur trapper who saw the falls in 1824. A private group of explorers actually named the falls in 1869.

The falls are located to the east of Canyon Village. To get there, there is a one-way loop drive that takes you to the brink of the Grand Canyon and offers four views. Views of the falls from the east include Inspiration Point, Grandview Point, and Lookout Point. From the west side of the Grand Canyon, the falls can be viewed from Artists Point. The trail to the top of the falls is a 3/4 mile roundtrip. This must-do trail is steep and has many switchbacks but is so worth it.

A rainbow can often be spotted at the base of the waterfall.