8 Dangerous Critters You Might Encounter When You’re Out And About In Wyoming

Wyoming’s wilderness is one of the reasons most people have moved here. The solitude and the peace and quiet can be hard to beat – but it does have its downsides. Did you know about these dangerous animals in Wyoming? Chances are, you’ll encounter at least a few of them if you spend a good amount of time exploring the Cowboy State, and they’re most likely to be one of these critters:

Which of these dangerous animals in Wyoming have you encountered? Let us know in the comments – we love hearing your scariest tales of survival!

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Dangerous Animals in Wyoming

June 25, 2022

What species of venomous snakes in Wyoming are there?  

At the time of this writing, there are two known types of venomous snakes in Wyoming. Both are rattlesnakes. One is the prairie rattlesnake, and the other is the midget faded rattlesnake. Both are large, solitary pit vipers whose bites can be very deadly, and antivenom is necessary to save the life of someone who is bit. That being said, though, they are hesitant to strike without warning first, and typically will only attack when feeling threatened. Do your best not to surprise one – be noisy when spending time outdoors in areas rattlesnakes typically live in. Most snakes in Wyoming you’ll find, though, are non-venomous – there are about 15 other types of Wyoming serpents out there!  

What kinds of dangerous wildlife in Wyoming is there?  

Wyoming is a gorgeous state, but unfortunately, it’s not without its dangerous wildlife. In fact, there are plenty of other animals in Wyoming far more numerous (and dangerous) than a couple of rattlesnakes. Did you know there are nearly 1,000 grizzly bears within Yellowstone National Park alone? Though your odds of being attacked by a grizzly are low, they are not zero, and there is at least one attack per year in Wyoming. Black bears exist here, too, though they’re not quite as dangerous (though individual black bears can definitely be). Other dangerous animals in Wyoming include grey wolves, bison, and elk (even just hitting one with your car can be deadly). On the insect front, there are dangerous bugs like black widow spiders and northern scorpions to keep an eye out for.  

What are the largest natural predators in Wyoming?  

Honestly, humans are. However, when it comes to the natural world, Wyoming has a few particularly large predators including grizzly bears (about 11 people die every year in the United States by grizzly bear attacks) and grey wolves (who don’t typically kill or attack humans). Though there are dangerous critters that pose a small threat to people, the largest threats in Wyoming are those that come from things like traffic accidents, disease, and natural disasters. Animals are one of the least of our worries – so rest easy on that front!