These 10 Crazy Laws In Wyoming Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

There are probably some crazy laws in Wyoming that you are not familiar with. Here are some of those lesser-known laws. While some of these are for your own good, there are some laws that just make no sense at all. If you’re going to spend any time out here, here are a few things to know about Wyoming law and order.

How many of us have broken a law in the state of Wyoming without even knowing it? I’m sure most of these crazy laws in Wyoming were unknown prior to reading through them!

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Address: Wyoming, USA
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crazy laws in Wyoming

June 27, 2020

What are people from Wyoming known for?

Wyomingites are known for being independent, hard working people. We’re quick to lend a hand to our neighbors, but hardly ever ask for help ourselves. We love the winter and the outdoors, and can catch fish in nearly any conditions. You won’t meet anyone with a better work ethic than someone from right here in the Cowboy State

Do Wyomingites have any strange habits?

If you consider constantly scanning the bar ditch for pronghorn, correcting people when they call bison “buffalo”, and getting heated when someone starts to talk about wolves “strange habits”, then, sure. We’re quick to chat about our environment, and we have a ton of opinions to offer. We also truly believe that prime rib is a food group, and that you can make jerky out of anything at all.

What are the weirdest things about Wyoming?

Wyoming can be a strange place to live, because it’s one of the least densely populated places in the country. If you aren’t used to going without cell phone service on nearly every drive, having to dig out feet of snow from blizzards in June, and walking against 50 mile an hour winds on a calm day, you might have a hard time adjusting to the strange ways of living in Wyoming.

Address: Wyoming, USA