Get A Taste Of The Northwoods At This Homey Wisconsin Cabin Restaurant

Here in Wisconsin, the idea of Up North is as much a concept as it is a physical location. It’s not always feasible for those in the southern half of the state to head up to the Northwoods all the time, but we sure do love the relaxation, welcome feel and coziness that comes with an Up North cabin. Sometimes you can’t go Up North, but you can still find some of that feeling. In Howards Grove, near Sheboygan, Log Cabin Inn is serving up killer food in the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve come home.

Log Cabin Inn is located at 633 Madison Ave, Howards Grove, WI 53083.

Learn more about this traditional cabin restaurant on their website or check out their Facebook page for even more mouthwatering pictures.

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