Kringle Is The Official Wisconsin State Pastry – Here Are 7 Spots To Sample This Flaky Treat

In the mid-to-late 1800s, 10% of all the Danes in the United States were in Racine, Wisconsin. Over in Denmark, a strike by bakers leads to the import of Austrian pastry chefs. Eventually, the strike ended, but the two types of baking had now co-mingled and created a new and unique type of baking and pastry. New immigrants to the area brought these new ideas with them to the United States and bakeries start popping up in Racine in the early 1900s. Traditionally, a kringle was puffier and more pretzel-shaped and only came in one or two flavors. But demand for these delicious pastries required a streamlining of the process, so now Wisconsin kringles tend to come in the flat, oval ring that we are used to. All those new customers also suggested new flavor profiles and now, if you can dream up a flavor, there’s probably been a kringle made with it. The flat, oval kringle is rather unique to Wisconsin and it’s been named the state pastry. You might find versions of this Danish pastry elsewhere, but no one loves a kringle like Wisconsinites do. Here are seven places all making their own kind of kringle and creating some of the most mouth-watering pastries you’ve ever tasted.

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Kringle is one of the most iconic Wisconsin foods. Have you had these other foods that define life in Wisconsin?

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