Shake Off The Winter Blues At These 12 Wisconsin Indoor Waterparks

A long cold winter can leave everyone with cabin fever. It can be hard to find things to do in winter in Wisconsin that make everyone in the family happy and don’t involve seven layers of clothes and possible frostbite. Luckily, you’re in Wisconsin, home of the Waterpark Capital of the World. That moniker doesn’t just refer to outdoor, summer fun. Indoor waterparks provide the perfect winter escape, with plenty of things for kids and adults alike. They’re a great place to burn off some energy, get a little break from life and forget about the cold and snow outside. And the Dells aren’t the only place in Wisconsin where you can find indoor waterparks where you and your family can burn off some of those winter blues. Here are 12 indoor waterparks — only four of which are in the Dells — where you and your family can find a little bit of tropical oasis this winter:

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