The Hidden Beaches Road Trip That Will Show You Wisconsin Like Never Before

A few warm days and I’m already dreaming about a summer in the sun. If you’re looking to hit up some of the more popular summer spots, the time to plan is now. With hundreds of miles of Great Lakes shoreline and then more inland lakes than I know how to count, hitting the beach and enjoying the calming pace of life on the water is incredibly easy. Sometimes, though, it can get a bit crowded, as well. Wisconsin’s pristine shorelines are no longer any sort of secret, so finding a slice of beach just for yourself can be hard to do. Narrowing down this trip to just one area wasn’t easy, but this is a small trip that takes you to some beaches that are a bit more off the beaten track and might not be teeming with other sun-seekers.

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Quite a few of the spots on this list offer beach-side camping, but if you’re looking for that option in other parts of the state, check out 10 Spectacular Spots In Wisconsin Where You Can Camp Right On The Beach.