When I went to Wisconsin Dells a few summers ago, I expected to go on a bunch of water slides, eat an insane amount of fudge, and maybe do some hiking. So when a friend told me she got tickets for us to go to an upside down White House, I was like “What the…?”

Yes, folks. In the state of Wisconsin, there is an upside down White House. And you can tour it. Why this was given the green light is still unclear, but you can tour it. I know I did.

What is the basic premise for this attraction? Well, that would ruin the surprise, which I will not do. There’s a reason why it’s known as the Top Secret Attraction in Wisconsin, friends! But when you visit, you definitely will learn why the White House is upside down as you are led on a tour of this building. Will you be surprised? Will you ever!

Here is a picture of what this place looks like…at least from the outside. I won’t spoil it for you if you plan to go to this bizarre roadside attraction in Wisconsin

And here’s a video of it:

Have you been to the Upside Down White House in Wisconsin? If not, you really should go. Where else but in Wisconsin can you visit a walk-through attraction that brings guests through the world of the upside-down White House?! Share your experiences with this crazy roadside attraction in the Wisconsin Dells in the comments below.

Looking for more oddities in the Badger State? Have you ever visited Pinkie the Elephant, an oversized elephant that resides in a Shell Station parking lot?

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