This Roadside Attraction In Wisconsin Is The Most Unique Thing You’ve Ever Seen

There’s nothing like a great roadside attraction – it’s usually kitschy and quirky and often charming. Here’s one little attraction we found right in the middle of the state. No matter your age, you’re bound to be entertained by this unique roadside attraction in Wisconsin. It’s the perfect combination of imaginative and unusual. Take a look!

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For more information, you can visit Jurustic Park’s website for more information. And if you love one-of-a-kind roadside attractions in Wisconsin, check out our list of other must-see destinations.

Address: 112021 Old, Sugar Bush Ln, Marshfield, WI 54449, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

unique roadside attraction in Wisconsin

April 27, 2021

What are some other unique attractions in Wisconsin?

If you appreciate the art of bizarre roadside attractions, Wisconsin will not disappoint. No matter which region of the state you’re traveling through, you’re bound to come across at least a few quirky road stops. Some of the most famous include the Dickeyville Grotto, the Fiberglass Statue Mod Yard in Sparta, Hodag in Rhinelander, the World’s Largest Six Pack in La Crosse, Sputnik Crash Site in Manitowoc, Bessie in Janesville, the Largest Ball of Twine in Lake Nebagamon, the World’s Largest Talking Loon in Mercer, Forevertron in Sumpter, and the Green Monster in Monaco. Learn more about these weird roadside attractions in Wisconsin.

Are there any dinosaur statues in Wisconsin?

If you check out the aforementioned Green Monster in Monaco, you might think for a moment that you’ve stumbled upon a bizarre dinosaur statue in Wisconsin. Technically, however, this creature isn’t a dinosaur but more of a tree root monster. And, apparently, it’s a rival of the Hodag in Rhinelander.

Does Wisconsin have any hidden gems?

Yes! There are so many hidden gems to discover beyond these quirky but lovable roadside attractions. Some of the best hidden gems in Wisconsin you’ll want to explore are the Hidden Capitol Building Viewing Deck, Princeton, Delavan Lake, Candlewood Cabins, Burnet Island, Cranberry Castle, Lions Den Gorge, Fond du Lac Fairgrounds Aquatic Center, Al Corso, Lake Orchard Farm Retreat, and High Cliff State Park. Learn more about these hidden gem destinations in Wisconsin.

Address: 112021 Old, Sugar Bush Ln, Marshfield, WI 54449, USA