The 14 Best Little Food Towns In Wisconsin You Need To Explore Before They Get Too Popular

There’s so much of our great state to get out and explore and making a plan to check out the awesome small towns is one great way to do it. Sure, you’ll want to check out the history, the architecture and the scenery, but let’s be honest, the best way to get us out and about and seeing the rest of the state is through food. Our small towns absolutely have some of the best food in the state and most of it is totally unappreciated and without the long wait you’ll find at spots in larger towns and cities.

Time to work up an appetite and head out to discover these small Wisconsin towns and all the delicious food from stellar restaurants they have to offer:

What other small towns and restaurants do you love that more people need to know about? Let us know in the comments! Looking for more info on some of Wisconsin’s great small towns? Check out 13 Small Towns In Rural Wisconsin That Are Downright Delightful.