The Unassuming Tavern In Wisconsin Everyone Needs To Visit At Least Once

Modern bowling can trace its roots to Germany and a sport called kegeling, so it’s easy to understand how the sport became so popular in Wisconsin. In 1905, the American Bowling Congress held a tournament in Milwaukee and were so impressed, they moved their headquarters there, where they remained until 2008.

On Milwaukee’s near south side stands the country’s oldest sanctioned bowling alley. Holler House was opened in 1908 as Skowronski’s with a two-lane bowling alley in the basement. Those lanes are still operational today. The owner is 91-year-old Marcy Skowronski and all the employees are related to her. Holler House is a family business in the most literal way and they say they’d rather burn the place down before selling. Marcy is there most nights, sharing drinks and stories and generally holding court.

Holler House is a Milwaukee icon and a place everyone needs to visit.

Though bowling is nowhere near as popular in the city that used to be the Bowling Capitol of the country, Holler House remains as a reminder of a different time, an icon of the city and a neighborhood bar.