This Strange Phenomenon In A Wisconsin Town Is Too Weird For Words

We have continued to tell you that Wisconsin is wacky. Well, I am about to tell you about a strange phenomenon in Shullsburg, Wisconsin that will have you scratching your head. I am referring to a “gravity hill.”

A gravity hill is a hill with a slightly downward slope, but it seems like it is an uphill slope. This optical illusion is created due to the surrounding land. So it looks like a car left out of gear will actually roll uphill.

It’s strange, and really, the only way you can see what we’re talking about is to experience one yourself. If you find yourself near Shullsburg, you should totally go.

The one we are referring to is located on County Road U. Drive south on Judgement Street (which turns into County Road U) for around two miles past Rennick Road.

People place their vehicles in neutral right before the yellow 25 MPH sign. When you do this, you will start rolling backward up the hill, picking up speed. Make sure if you do this to use extreme caution and place your hazards on.

Here is a picture of the hill:


But this video shows you a little better what we are describing:

Have you been to the famed gravity hill? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.