This Winter, Drive Across Frozen Lake Superior By Taking The Famous Ice Road In Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin can be pretty brutal. However, the cold weather does bring a few perks, such as the opportunity to drive on water… well, sort of. During the cold months of winter, Lake Superior freezes over, creating what has come to be known as the Madeline Island Ice Road, a thoroughfare between the Wisconsin mainland and Madeline Island. But you can do more than drive along the icy roadway. It’s also a popular spot for skating and biking.

Watch the video below for a whole new perspective on the Bayfield Ice Road.

For more information on the Bayfield Ice Road and/or the Windsled, call (715) 747-5400. You can also visit the Bayfield County website.

So, did you know about the Madeline Island Ice Road? Have you ever driven across it? If so, how was it? Know of another one-of-a-kind drive in the state? What are some other unique things about winter in Wisconsin? How do like to enjoy the season? Share your thoughts with us!

While the Madeline Island Ice Road is one of the most unique roadways in the state, it is not the only one with a widespread reputation. There is also this famously curvy road in Wisconsin, which unlike the Madeline Island Ice Road, is open year-round, not just during winter in Wisconsin.

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Address: Madeline Island, Wisconsin, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Winter In Wisconsin

November 28, 2022

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