13 Crazy Wisconsin Laws Every Wisconsinite Has Probably Unknowingly Broken At Least Once

Like any other state, there are some strange things about Wisconsin. For example, there are several weird laws in Wisconsin. And behind every weird law is an interesting story as to how and why it came about. Most folks cite our strict butter and margarine laws, which seem funny now, but were enacted in order to protect the dairy industry and Wisconsin’s spot as the top dairy producer. We’ve written about how folks along Wisconsin’s borders used to make runs to procure large amounts of margarine to share with their neighbors – something that was technically illegal. But the weird laws in Wisconsin don’t end there. There are actually several illegal things in Wisconsin that will leave you scratching your head.

So, did you already know about these weird laws in Wisconsin? Ever unknowingly broken any of them? Do you know of some other oddly illegal things in Wisconsin? Whatever it is, tell us!

Weird laws in Wisconsin aren’t the only factor contributing to the state’s quirkiness. There are several other strange things about Wisconsin. Click here to read about the weirdest places you can possibly go in the Badger State.

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Weird Laws In Wisconsin

February 14, 2022

Are there any other weird laws in Wisconsin?

Weird laws in Wisconsin don’t end with the laws mentioned above. There are plenty more weird laws in Wisconsin. For instance, in Milwaukee, it is illegal for a car to be parked on the street for more than two hours – unless, of course, a horse is tied to the car. Another of the weird laws in Wisconsin states that apple pie cannot be served in public restaurants without cheese. And still, another strange law states that screens are required on all windows from May 1st through October 1st.

What are some other fun facts about Wisconsin?

Just like weird laws in Wisconsin, fun facts about Wisconsin are plentiful. The Badger State is full of fun, quirky surprises, such as it’s where the first ice cream sundae was served. The iconic sweet treat was whipped up for the first time in Two Rivers in 1881. Other fun facts about Wisconsin include Green Bay’s distinction as the “Toilet Paper Capital of the World.” The nickname came about because the first splinter-free toilet paper was produced in the city. Speaking of production, did you know Wisconsin is the leading producer of Ginseng in the United States? It’s true – and these are just a small portion of the fun facts about Wisconsin!

Aside from oddly illegal things in Wisconsin, what are some strange things about Wisconsin?

When studying the history of the state, you’ll quickly realize there are some pretty strange things about Wisconsin. For starters, the term “cheesehead” wasn’t always an endearing nickname for cheese-lovin’ Wisconsites or fans of the Green Bay Packers. Instead, during WWII, the German soldiers used the term to insult the Dutch. (Hard to believe, we know!) Even more surprising, the first cheesehead wasn’t worn at a Packers game. The iconic headgear actually made its debut at a Brewers game. The origin of the state’s symbol, the badger, also falls under the category of strange things about Wisconsin – and that’s because it has nothing to do with the animal that bears the same moniker. Instead, it refers to the lead miners of the 1820s, who travelled far distances for work and often dug tunnels to create a warm place to sleep – much like actual badgers.