The Story Behind This Haunted Company Store In West Virginia Is Heartbreakingly Tragic

The company store was an institution in coal mining towns. The same coal company that employed the workers also owned the store, which was usually the only place in town that people could shop. Sometimes miners were paid in “scrip,” which was only redeemable at the company store. As a result, the miners could become completely dependent on the coal companies. These types of control ultimately led to the Mine Wars and union organizing for better conditions.

Editor’s Note: This building was sold to a private owner in 2018 and is not open to the public. Nonetheless, it has a great history and is worth learning about! For a haunting destination you can visit, swing by the local paranormal museum

Whipple Company Store is located at 7485 Okey L Patteson Rd, Scarbro, WV.

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