The Charming Train Park In West Virginia You’ll Want To Spend More Time In

If you want to take a train ride anywhere on the East Coast, there’s no place that does it better than West Virginia! When it comes to full-size trains, these seven excursions are a can’t miss, but sometimes you just want a short novelty ride that doesn’t involve hours and hours (or even an overnight stay!). Here’s the perfect solution for a short train adventure: the Ridge Runner.

Get tickets for the Ridge Runner from the yellow train depot located in Bluefield’s Lotito City Park. The address is 1780 Stadium Dr/, Bluefield, WV. 24605. (Of note: this Bluefield city park straddles the West Virginia/Virginia border. Don’t be alarmed if your GPS says you’re heading to Virginia instead of West Virginia!) The cost to ride is $2/person. For more information, see the Ridge Runner’s official website.