This Trail Leading To 10 Different Counties In West Virginia Is Often Called Trails Heaven

There’s no lack of fabulous trails leading to unique, breathtaking destinations in West Virginia. In fact, the Mountain State is criss-crossed with them. But there’s one that stands out from the rest, both in terms of renown, popularity, length, and pizzazz: the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System.

Have you ever ridden a portion of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System? If you know these trails well, which trailhead is your favorite? Learn more about them all at the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System website, Trails Heaven. Interested in another way to learn about the famous family feud for which these trails are named? Try this Hatfield-McCoy airboat tour!


Address: Hatfield and McCoy Trails, York Rd, Welch, WV 24801, USA