The Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory In West Virginia Is Off The Beaten Path But So Worth The Journey

Arguably, the entire state of West Virginia could be called “off the beaten path.”  We’re the Mountain State, after all – the only state completely within the Appalachian Region. We’re one of America’s best hidden treasures. But even within our rural, remote state, there are some destinations that are even more out of the way than others. And one of them is the Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory.

To learn more about the Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory or see more pictures of this beautiful old fire tower, the mountainous terrain that it presides over, and the wildlife that visits it so regularly each season, head over to the observatory’s website or Facebook page. And if you need a lunch to bring with you to this out of the way destination, swing by the deli at Cheese ‘N’ More in Gap Mills.

Address: Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory, Union, WV 24983, USA