There’s A Park Hidden In Plain Sight In West Virginia Where Three States Meet

West Virginia shares a border with five other states (Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky), and, while only God can be in all five at once, you can come close in the West Virginia town of Kenova!

There are at least two other places in West Virginia where 3 state borders meet, but this is the only one (as far as we know) that is clearly marked and easily accessible to the public.

If you visit Virginia Point Park, be sure to grab lunch at the nearby Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs or Griffith and Feil’s Soda Fountain!

Isn’t it fun to learn about some of the unique locations around the state? Have you been to Virginia Point Park? What other little known interesting and/or informative sites have you discovered in West Virginia?

Address: Virginia Point Park, VA Point Park, Kenova, WV 25530, USA