Just 30 Minutes From New River Gorge National Park, Beckley Is The Perfect West Virginia Day Trip Destination

West Virginia is on the smaller side, as far as states go, and based on its size you might be tempted to think that things in the Mountain State are all within easy reach of each other. Think again! You’re forgetting to factor in West Virginia’s most famous feature: country roads. Narrow, windy, circuitous, slow country roads that make for a beautiful ride, but not a quick one. Unless you hop on a major state or interstate highway, that is. Then the whole state can be crossed in a matter of just a few hours. That’s how it’s possible to get from the New River Gorge Bridge in the New River Gorge National Park to Beckley, West Virginia in a mere 30 minutes, making Beckley the perfect daytrip option for visitors to the New River Gorge National Park who are looking for things to do near the gorge to expand their experience of wild, wonderful West Virginia.

There you have it: Beckley, West Virginia, the perfect small-town destination that’s within easy reach of the New River Gorge National Park. Another small mountain town that’s even easier to reach (from the New River Gorge Bridge, at least) is Fayetteville, West Virginia. Don’t miss it, either!



Address: Beckley, WV 25801, USA