7 Sure And Welcome Signs Of Spring In West Virginia

Spring is right around the corner, and we’re so glad. But how can we tell spring is on the way? Here are seven sure and welcome signs of spring that are just starting to appear in some of the warmer portions of West Virginia (sorry, highlands – you’ve got a bit more winter to weather). Have you seen any of these happy signs of spring yet?

And we haven’t even mentioned the birds that are making their way back from their winter migration, the bees we’ve spotted out hunting for early flowers, or the redbuds that will soon be in bloom. On the flip side, of course, not all the signs of spring are quite so welcome. We’re admittedly on the fence about mud, but both ticks and wind definitely belong on a list of sure and unwelcome signs of spring. And snakes – we’re not sure where to put those, but we do expect to see them out sunning themselves soon as spring gets closer and closer!