These 10 Strange But Totally Real World Records Are Held In West Virginia

Did you know there are many world records that are held in West Virginia?

There are a lot of things West Virginia is known for, but here are some we bet you haven’t heard of before. This list also includes some incredible state records that are held by West Virginia residents.

Aren’t these just amazing? We had no idea that there were such fascinating things going on right here in West Virginia!

We’re sure countless other world records are held in West Virginia. Share what records you hope to achieve in the comments!


Address: West Virginia, USA
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Facts About West Virginia

April 27, 2021

What are some interesting facts about West Virginia?

People often think of the Mountain State as quiet and unassuming, but we’ve got some real claims to fame! Did you know West Virginia is (by far) the highest state east of the Mississippi? How about that the city of Weirton is the only city whose borders extend into two states? The first federal prison institution for women was founded in Alderson. Read more interesting facts here.

What is the history of West Virginia?

West Virginia had an extremely interesting history before it even became a part of the United States of America. Read fascinating information about the formation of our unique land structure in this article. This one contains information on Native Americans that lived in the region long ago.

What are some unique quirks to residents of West Virginia?

Here’s a list of undeniable ways you just know you’re from West Virginia. And there’s plenty of phrases that are unique to our area. We’ve got lots of advantages that the rest of the country just can’t enjoy! Here’s some things you should know before dating residents of West Virginia.

Address: West Virginia, USA