For The Best Cornbread You’ve Ever Tasted, Here’s Where You Can Find Home-Grown, Fresh-Ground Cornmeal From West Virginia

If, as a state, we had to rank our favorite foods, we could probably all agree on at least a few of the top ten. Pepperoni Rolls. Hot Dogs, but only if they’re done right. And surely, somewhere pretty high on the list, we’d have to add cornbread. Piping hot, crusty cornbread – it’s a classic comfort food good on its own or paired with soup, beans, honey, butter, or just about any food you can name.

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What’s your favorite cornbread recipe? We use sour cream, plain yogurt, or kefir in ours instead of milk, and that’s another thing that, in our opinion at least, puts it over the top!

Maybe you can serve it with a side of ramps, another West Virginia favorite, here in another few months…

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