If You Haven’t Been Waiting For Ramp Dinners All Year Long, You Might Not Be A True West Virginian

We love all the seasons here in West Virginia, but spring does have a special spot in our hearts because, well, ramps. If you don’t know what these are (and if you haven’t been waiting impatiently all year to eat them again), you must be somewhat new to the state! But we’re here to help catch you up to speed on everything you need to know about these magical vegetables and where to find them this spring.

Ramp season typically runs from late March through early May, with most ramp festivals and dinners occurring in April. For ramp dinners offered around West Virginia in 2020, check this continuously updated list provided by travel magazine West Virginia Explorer. And keep your eyes peeled for one of the many unadvertised roadside stands that pop up for a few short weeks in conjunction with ramp season!

Have you eaten ramps? How do you prefer to fix them? What are your tricks for avoiding bad breath? Let us know in the comments!

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