When you think of great engineering accomplishments, rocket engines, skyscrapers, and suspension bridges may come to mind. But one of history’s great feats of engineering took the form of an unassuming home built in the small town of Beverly, West Virginia – and is still standing strong over 165 years later.

Visit the charming and historic town of Beverly, explore the fascinating Lemuel Chenoweth house, and spend a comfortable night. supported by the handiwork of one of our country’s greatest minds! As for those famous bridges Lemuel Chenoweth built, here’s more on the Philippi Covered Bridge.

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Museums in West Virginia

Are there any kid-friendly museums in West Virginia? 

If you want to keep the kids busy on a rainy day, take a trip to one of these awesome museums in West Virginia:


What are some of the weirdest museums in West Virginia? 

All of us have a weird side, and luckily West Virginia will help cater to it! Some of the weirdest museums in West Virginia are:

  • The  Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant is dedicated to the lore surrounding the incredible half-man/half-moth cryptid. And once you've learned all you can, there's an ice cream shop next door where you can discuss your experience with your crew!
  • The Lost World Caverns Visitor Center and Natural History Museum in Greenbrier County is a museum housed in a cave.
  • The Telephone Museum in Fairmont is just what it sounds like: a museum dedicated to telephones, but these items we now see as everyday necessities are much more fascinating than you may think.


Which historical museums in West Virginia should I visit?

History buffs will love the Mountain State! A few of the best historical museums in West Virginia are:

  • The Coal Heritage Museum in Boone County traces back the history of coal mining in West Virginia over nearly 300 years.
  • The Boggs House Museum is the oldest house in Pendleton County, but these days it is a house museum where you can visit and see a large collection of historical relics.
  • The Ceredo Museum in Ceredo is a free history museum housing a collection spanning thousands of years. From ancient petroglyphs to a piece of the Berlin wall.

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