Built By A Self-Taught Genius, West Virginia’s Lemuel Chenoweth House Was A True Feat Of Engineering

When you think of great engineering accomplishments, rocket engines, skyscrapers, and suspension bridges may come to mind. But one of history’s great feats of engineering took the form of an unassuming home built in a small West Virginia town – and is still standing strong over 165 years later.

Visit the charming and historic town of Beverly, explore the fascinating Lemuel Chenoweth house (learn more on Facebook), and spend a comfortable night (learn more on Airbnb) supported by the handiwork of one of our country’s greatest minds! As for those famous bridges Lemuel Chenoweth built, here’s more on the Philippi Covered Bridge.

Address: Lemuel Chenoweth Museum, 90 Water St, Beverly, WV 26253, USA