9 Undeniable Reasons To Visit The Oldest And Longest Covered Bridge In West Virginia

Outdoor adventures in the Mountain State come in all forms: hiking, fishing, boating, camping, sightseeing, and more! In terms of sightseeing, you simply won’t find another covered bridge in West Virginia quite like the old Philippi Covered Bridge. A visit here is one you won’t forget, and just in case you need a little persuasion, we’ve compiled nine solid reasons you should pop in the car and head to Philippi Covered Bridge In West Virginia to see this amazing man-made wonder.

With so much to see and do in the Mountain State, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do next. Trust us: put a visit to the Philippi Covered Bridge on your calendar asap; you won’t be disappointed by this beautiful bridge in West Virginia!

Address: Philippi Covered Bridge, 26416 US-250, Philippi, WV 26416, USA
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Philippi Covered Bridge In West Virginia

October 10, 2021

How many covered bridges are there in West Virginia?

There are 17 historic wooden covered bridges in West Virginia. Only three of these bridges were built before 1870 and they are also the three longest in the state (more on those below!).

What are some of the oldest covered bridges in West Virginia?

Philippi Covered Bridge is *the* oldest covered bridge in West Virginia, but it’s not the only charming old structure in the state! Barrackville Covered Bridge is the second oldest bridge in the Mountain State, and it dates all the way back to 1853. Spanning 145 feet, this historic covered bridge earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. Really, among West Virginia’s covered bridges, three stand out above the rest as especially historically significant. They are the Philippi Covered Bridge (which we covered above), the Carrollton Covered Bridge, and the Barrackville Covered Bridge. What makes all three so special? This trio contains both the three oldest and the three longest covered bridges left in the state. In fact, each of these bridges pre-dates the Civil War! Read all about these charming old covered bridges in this article.

What are some fun pedestrian bridges in West Virginia?

Of all the pedestrian bridges in West Virginia, there’s one we heart (pun intended) the most, and it’s in Harpers Ferry. Have you ever heard of love locks? They’re padlocks clipped to a fence or beam of some sort as a memorial to a loved one. After locking it in place, the common practice is to throw away the key, making the love-honoring lock all the more permanent. It’s a sweet tradition practiced in various places all around the world, including right here in West Virginia in Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. In this area there is a bridge with a footpath that forms a small part of the well-known Appalachian Trail. Looking one direction on this walking bridge, you can glimpse the rugged face of a craggy mountain in Maryland, accessible by the Maryland Heights Trail. The bridge is full of these lovely little wishes, giving it our vote for the most delightful pedestrian bridge in West Virginia!

Address: Philippi Covered Bridge, 26416 US-250, Philippi, WV 26416, USA